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Cheap Light Books is proud to announce Torey Rain's third book--

Scarlet Revolution-- 1st Release will be episodically on Kindle Vella starting April 19, 2024 with long format book release Winter of 2025. 

It is a time of revolutionary uprising and disease in the colonies.  Antoinette, the Killer Queen, has risen to power in the capital and a harsh line is now drawn between the elites in the Dome and the poor of the Outer Ring.  The church has become all powerful and a new dark age is forced upon the people of the Outer Ring where libraries are burned and certain knowledge and expression, forbidden. 

Ella, a trans artist and young revolutionary suffers the horrors of the Outer Ring, forced to deny her own true self; however, when she encounters a strange artifact, she realizes the spirit that possesses it can grant her innermost wishes—but it's not without a price. 

Her male body is changed to female and in one splendid day, the mother that was unaccepting, quickly accepts her and the boy she has a crush on, Ash, proposes marriage.  Just when she thinks she’s found happily ever after…everything is destroyed.  In a savage raid on a secret revolutionary meeting, a horrific catastrophe occurs.  Ella’s family is left reeling in turmoil and Ella is forced to become a mistress effect for a pompous disillusioned general and quickly brought to the Dome.  There, Ella discovers great sickness festers, perhaps greater than the red death that ravages the streets of the Outer Ring—something unseen, savage and alien.

Meanwhile, Ash is left heartbroken without Ella.  He is tortured by revelations from his past yet wants to get Ella back.   With the aid of the vigilante that now wears the mantle of the Black Narcissus and a mysterious man named Mr. Blond, they enact a plan to try to infiltrate the heavily guarded Dome, one that leads them into the freezing tundra of Europa and to a long-abandoned vessel that the Narcissus promises holds the key into the Imperial City.  But as they make their way into the stormy wild, a savage horrors mount—the evil wish granter and soul consumer, named Sanzobal, takes human form and seizes hold of the outer boroughs and raises a horrible army of the undead.

As factions within the Imperial palace fray and burn, a mysterious woman awakens, and the coup of a killer queen is revealed; the savage war between Empire, alien and zombie comes to a cataclysmic head.  In the very bloody conclusion, Ella must choose between Sanzobal’s temptations and destroying the wish granter for good.  Will Ash’s love win out or will she enable The Lord of Chaos, to become the most powerful force in the galaxy? 

SCARLET REVOLUTION, the third book in the Stories from Outer Space series, is an epic Cinderella sci-fi/horror story with a splatter-punk ending that you must read to believe!

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